a site speicifc interactive media installation using a touchless vision system control of media and images


The project endeavors to bring cultural considerations from the actual situation and location where the artwork is installed. In any site specific art work, consideration should b given to the space, location and inevitably to the people, culture where the installation is made. The desired result of this project is to create an experience that brings out in each site, qualities of the location – those aspects and ambiance that are created over time, altered, yet still “visible” from an understanding of place, culture and situation, visible from the “periphery” of our vision of time and space.

Sample images from the "periphery." an site specific interactive media installation using computer vision, motion and position tracking technologies. Presented at the Second International Art and Science Exhibition, Beijing China, September





For more information, read the paper:
Space and Place – Designed or Made?

1. Christopher Alexander, The Timeless Way of Building Oxford University Press (1979) ASIN: B0006COXX2

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