William Russell Pensyl

Professor of Interactive & Emergent Arts
Northeastern University
curriculum vita

Boston MA | Singapore

The majority of work represented in this site is created by developing custom sofware and hardware. All project are directed by me. Team members include some very talented engineers, artists and designers: Lee Shang Ping, Tran Cong Thien Qui, Loy Shing Chuan, Bai Weiyun, Liang Shuochen, Li Hua, Catherine Hsin, Zhang Yihan, Walter Huang, Walson Diaz and Conor O'Dell

There are three ways an individual can interact with society: One can beg, one can steal or one can trade. The only honorable course is to trade.
Ayn Rand

Russell Pensyl (MFA 88, BFA 85) is an American media artist and designer. Pensyl’s current work includes the creation of location based entertainment several areas of technology in the application of content delivery in environmental spaces including emotion destection, facial recognition, positioning and localization, gesture recognition. Pensyl is a noted pioneer in mixed and augmented reality, certeaing one of the first integrations of AR in theatrical production. In 2011, his installation “subtle presence” was included in the Sarajevo Winter Festival, In 2008,“The Long Bar” was Invited into the SIGGRAPH Asia Synthesis – Singapore. Pensyl's work has be included in the ShangHai Biennial, SIGGRAPH USA, the Machida Musuem of Art and many other exhibitions.

Pensyl was pioneer in the design and creation of interactive media as early as 1983. Pensyl owned and operated two companies in digital media from 1988 until 2003, designing and creating films and interactive media for Fortune 500 companies such as Apple, IBM, Motorola, Kodak, Adobe, Sony, Disney, Prentice Hall, Pearson Education, JCPenney, WebTV, 3Com, PalmPilot, American Airlines, Lucent Technologies and others.